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A research proposal is a document that outlines a proposed research project and seeks sponsorship or approval to proceed. It is typically written by a researcher or graduate student and is used to persuade a potential supervisor, funding agency, or other stakeholders to support the proposed research.

The format of a research proposal can vary depending on the specific requirements of the funding agency, institution, or academic department, but there are some general guidelines that apply to most research proposals.

One common structure for a research proposal includes the following components:

  1. Introduction: This section provides an overview of the research question or problem being addressed, the significance of the research, and the context in which the research will be conducted.

  2. Literature review: This section reviews and synthesizes the existing research on the topic, highlighting gaps or areas for further investigation.

  3. Methodology: This section describes the research design, sample size and selection, data collection methods, and data analysis techniques that will be used in the study.

  4. Expected outcomes: This section outlines the anticipated results of the research and how they will contribute to the field.

  5. Budget and timeline: This section provides a detailed breakdown of the resources (e.g., personnel, equipment, materials) required for the research, along with an estimated timeline for completion.

  6. References: This section lists the sources cited in the proposal.

Here is an example of a research proposal in the social sciences:

Title: "Exploring the Impact of Parental Involvement on Student Achievement in Urban Schools"


There is a growing body of research suggesting that parental involvement can have a positive impact on student achievement. However, most of this research has been conducted in suburban or rural settings, leaving a gap in our understanding of how parental involvement affects student achievement in urban schools. This proposed study aims to fill this gap by examining the relationship between parental involvement and student achievement in a sample of urban schools.

Literature review:

Recent studies have shown that parental involvement in education is associated with a range of positive outcomes for students, including higher grades, improved attendance, and greater engagement in school (Henderson & Mapp, 2002). However, the literature on parental involvement in urban schools is limited, and there is a need for more research on this topic in order to inform policy and practice in these settings (Lee & Burkam, 2003).


The proposed study will be a quantitative, cross-sectional design using data from a nationally representative sample of urban schools. Parental involvement will be measured using a standardized survey instrument, and student achievement will be assessed using standardized test scores. Hierarchical linear modeling will be used to examine the relationship between parental involvement and student achievement, controlling for a range of demographic and school-level variables.

Expected outcomes:

It is expected that the results of this study will provide important insights into the ways in which parental involvement affects student achievement in urban schools. The findings of this study may inform the development of strategies to promote parental involvement in these settings, with the goal of improving student outcomes.

Budget and timeline:

The total budget for this study is $50,000, which includes funding for research assistants, data collection and analysis, and dissemination of findings. The study is expected to be completed within one year.


Henderson, A. T., & Mapp, K. L. (2002). A new wave of evidence: The impact of school, family, and community connections on student achievement. Austin, TX: Southwest Educational Development Laboratory.

Lee, J., & Burkam, D. T. (2003). Inequality

Commercial Proposal

format of a research proposal with examples

You need to have an idea of the specifications of the project as well as all the items involved in every project steps. A research proposal will help explain the intention behind the research you plan to conduct. They are the reason why your customers can check your website, posts, and other exposure efforts. Here you need to convince the reader you have a solid understanding of the subject and how you will approach it. You may also see 7.


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format of a research proposal with examples

This is why you have to create a social media marketing proposal that can reflect the things where you are good at. Every research paper differs and is dependent upon the subject matter. Using references and guides can save your efforts, energy, time and resources as it can already present the items that you need to include in the commercial proposal as well as how you can format the entire document. The movement started with those few people who realized what freedom and humanity means, those people who want to change the world for the better. The kind of presentation materials that you will use 10. You need to know in advance what you plan to focus on with the work you are developing.


Video Production Proposal

format of a research proposal with examples

The success of a project, no matter what it is about, greatly depends on the proper planning activities and appropriate task execution of the project team. A flowchart is indeed vital in creating more strategic research in many aspects. Through this diagram, you can quickly analyze, design, and document a process or program, which makes it an essential part of research projects in various fields such as Different Types of Flowcharts As a researcher, there are many types of flowchart that you can create to organize your Basic Flowchart This type of flowchart represents a systematic step-by-step process that leads to certain conclusions. The goal of the proposal is so you can sway project funders to provide you with the monies needed to complete the necessary research. All sentences should be complete and you should not use ellipses. The next two pages include the project outline questions to be filled up by students with relevant information. There are different factors that can affect the result or the decision on whether the development project proposal will be approved or not.


Market Research Proposal

format of a research proposal with examples

You may also indicate in the chart the people you assigned to execute the tasks. A market research proposal can give an idea about the funding that is needed by the team to execute the activities for market research. In this section, you can touch on some of the supporting literature you will use to back your arguments. The document must express the subject of your research. Be observant with the placement of each clauses in the discussion flow so you can ensure that the document is easy to browse through and is understandable. Keep in mind that the language and tone that you will use when creating the content of the market research proposal must be highly considered.


Project Outline

format of a research proposal with examples

Be direct to the point when explaining the project and the items that prompted for its execution. Now that you know what this is, you are finally in a better position to get the clients you need. You may also like 3. You can use templates if you want to have a well-formatted layout for your development project proposal. A project brief can solidify the goals of the project. This black sesame tofu product sample tells you exactly the same thing.


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format of a research proposal with examples

Research Proposal Examples What is the proper length for a research proposal? It is evolving every day. Public Relations is not pure science. The Abstract The abstract is the next section you will see on a well-constructed research proposal template. You may also see Tips When Making an Advertising Proposal When making 1. Present an overview of the market research activities that you would like the business to consider. The instructions on outlines are distributed in various sections for better understanding and clarity of the reader.


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format of a research proposal with examples

The outline provides information in two parts i. Do not forget to review the final project brief before submitting it to clients and other entities. Your project brief must give an idea of the processes that can monitor the project improvement and development from time to time. The first page is an introductory document with information on attaching relevant papers while the following pages include information relating to the project outline in six sections. It is a two-page document in PDF format with modern fonts and standard page border. The subject of your investigation and the questions you plan to answer need to have a clear definition. Even if it seems a lot, lay them all down and present them all briefly and descriptively.


Psychology Research Proposal

format of a research proposal with examples

Getting them to buy into what your business does and how it can benefit them takes some convincing. This diagram contains connecting lines or arrows and boxes that represent a process workflow. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is important especially to marketing and advertising. Critical project areas must be looked into to make sure that there will be higher chances of project successes even with the presence of threats and risks. It gives you a birds-eye view of the entire research progress. This can help you secure the transaction in a higher level even if your initial offer did not work in any case.