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The Modern Language Association (MLA) style is a widely used citation style for writing research papers, especially in the field of the humanities. One important aspect of the MLA style is the format of the title page, which should include the following elements:

  1. A running head: This is a shortened version of your paper's title (usually no more than 50 characters) that appears at the top of every page. It is optional to include the running head on the title page.

  2. The title of your paper: The title should be centered and written in title case (i.e., all major words are capitalized). The title should be double-spaced and should not exceed 12 words.

  3. Your name: Your name should be written in normal font and should be double-spaced below the title.

  4. Your instructor's name: The instructor's name should be written in normal font and should be double-spaced below your name.

  5. The course name and number: The course name and number should be written in normal font and should be double-spaced below the instructor's name.

  6. The date: The date should be written in normal font and should be double-spaced below the course name and number.

Here is an example of how a properly formatted MLA title page should look:

Running head: TITLE OF PAPER Title of Paper Your Name Professor's Name Course Name and Number Date

Note that the running head, title, name, instructor's name, course name and number, and date should all be double-spaced. The title page does not require a page number.

It is important to follow the MLA style guidelines for the title page, as it helps to create a professional and consistent appearance for your paper. By following these guidelines, you will be well on your way to creating a well-written and properly formatted research paper.

An American Beauty is a term often used to describe a person who is considered physically attractive in accordance with societal standards in the United States. While there is no official job description for an American Beauty, the term is often used in the entertainment industry to refer to actors, models, and other public figures who are known for their good looks.

In the entertainment industry, an American Beauty may be required to maintain a certain level of physical attractiveness in order to secure roles and maintain their public image. This may involve staying in good physical shape, taking care of their skin and hair, and following a healthy diet.

However, it is important to note that an individual's attractiveness is subjective and can vary from person to person. Beauty standards also change over time, and what is considered attractive in one era may not be considered attractive in another. Therefore, it is important for an American Beauty to be confident in their own appearance and not rely solely on societal standards of attractiveness to define their worth.

It is also worth noting that an American Beauty should not be solely judged or defined by their physical appearance. It is important to recognize and appreciate an individual's other qualities and accomplishments, such as their intelligence, talent, and character.

In conclusion, while there is no official job description for an American Beauty, it is often used in the entertainment industry to refer to individuals who are considered physically attractive according to societal standards. However, it is important to recognize that attractiveness is subjective and that an individual's worth should not be solely based on their physical appearance.

Selfishness has always been a trait that has been present in human nature, but it seems to have become more prevalent in present-day society. The concept of selfishness refers to the act of prioritizing one's own interests and desires above those of others. While it is natural for individuals to prioritize their own needs and wants, excessive selfishness can lead to negative consequences for both the individual and those around them.

In present-day society, there are a number of factors that contribute to the increase in selfish behavior. One of the main drivers of selfishness is the emphasis on individualism and personal success. With the rise of social media and the proliferation of personal branding, people are encouraged to prioritize their own success and advancement above the well-being of others. This focus on individual achievement can lead people to make selfish decisions that prioritize their own needs above those of others.

Another factor contributing to selfishness in present-day society is the influence of consumer culture. In a society where people are constantly bombarded with advertisements and the message that material possessions are a measure of success, it is easy for people to become more focused on acquiring material goods for themselves rather than considering the needs of others. This focus on consumption can lead to selfish behavior as people prioritize their own desires for material possessions over the well-being of others.

Selfishness can also be fueled by a lack of empathy and compassion. In a society where people are constantly connected through technology and social media, it is easy for people to become disconnected from one another and less empathetic towards others. This lack of empathy can lead to selfish behavior as people are less inclined to consider the needs and feelings of others.

While selfishness may seem like a natural part of human nature, it is important to recognize that it can have negative consequences. Excessive selfishness can lead to social isolation, as people who prioritize their own interests over those of others may struggle to form and maintain relationships. It can also contribute to a lack of cooperation and collaboration, as people who are overly self-centered may be less willing to work with others towards a common goal.

Ultimately, selfishness is a trait that can have negative consequences for both the individual and those around them. While it is natural for individuals to prioritize their own needs and wants, it is important to also consider the needs and well-being of others. By cultivating empathy and compassion, and by recognizing the value of cooperation and collaboration, we can work towards a more selfless and compassionate society.

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essay on selfishness in present days

What Shakespeare says of mercy is equally true of other forms of benevolence. In order to attain this object, he tries to appropriate as large a share as possible of the good things of this world. Some people are quite foolish to understand the fact that they must always sacrifice their general happiness for the sake of a limited number of not very valuable pleasures. The metaphoric tree of choice branches out into selfishness and selfness, which are two adjectives on opposite ends of the spectrum of morality. In order to attain his objective, he tries to obtain as large a share as possible of the good things around him. History gives many conspicuous instances of selfishness in the case of despotic monarchs taught by their flatterers to think that they had nothing else to do in the world but seek the gratification of their appetites. Either way, both consequences resulted in an individual 's death.


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essay on selfishness in present days

Extremely selfish people are often marked in history for negative reasons. One of the first impressions of Frankenstein given in the…. Patrick Ness portrays this trait in A Monster Calls in a way that makes the readers realize that the burden of a secret is too great for anyone of any age to carry. One of the key attributes of persons that have achieved the level of self-actualization is self-love, such as high…. Many people will say it is wrong to be selfish, but where does this notion come from, and why should we care?. Furthermore, the story gives prominence to show that there is a dark side of human mind. From here, an unrivaled picture can be made towards the perception of why perusers are so impenetrable to unfathomable subjects depicted in fiction.


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essay on selfishness in present days

Selfishness is much more like when someone is willing to do anything, including hurt others, to get what they want. This quote describes selfishness because it is the contrary of generosity and solidarity, and the excess of love to oneself and the lack of group values. Fear is a factor. With sordid rawness, we, the human race, are selfishly disgusting. Fear, in itself, is something that can take over the human mind in ways that other emotions cannot.


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essay on selfishness in present days

Volatile, barbaric monarchies, the most common social and governmental construct of the centuries prior, were having difficulty maintaining a sustainable kingdom of happy, productive, and eternally loyal serfs to fill their coffers. Later on in life, one learns the rights and wrongs of their actions, but life or death decision making, most always comes down to a generally selfish, evil nature. Yes, we are included to those that believe that this maddening event is an intentional one, done by those people involved with the verdict. Insisting on freedom and individual rights, rather than living under a dictatorship, is selfish. Frist we must define these two terms to help us understand the difference between them. Thus, we could say with our whole hearts that this, by far, is the worst product of industrialization driven by selfishness.


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essay on selfishness in present days

Most of us accept that selfishness is both wrong and unhealthy. He is also in many cases rived to the lesser blessing of receiving kindness and assis­tance from his fellow-men. We characteristically do not like conflict. Some may believe that we should just come to accept that humans are truly selfish and greedy. If someone is making decisions out of selfishness, they are really looking out for themselves only. They persistently attempt to use it to their advantage to seek retribution from his enemy. Whenever he has an opportunity of doing something that he likes, he enjoys himself even at the expanse of his fellow men.


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essay on selfishness in present days

Abigail acts selfishly because she wants to have a relationship with John Proctor. Days after the good news for the Amazon tribes came around, a wildfire occurred. No doubt, if we were in that position, we would request help immediately. On the 13th day of August, the said tribes won against them along with their pride to protect the rights they have and the huge contributor of oxygen which is also considered to be their home. Jonze captures the depth of human emotion and the idea that a protagonist can still be immoral, not having to fit character tropes. Essentially, both literary works include characters who possess negative qualities and make poor choices that categorize them as evil.


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essay on selfishness in present days

A person could want more money, a bigger television, faster computers, or just better health with six pack abs. Growing reports of the state invoking intrusive powers over the populace have been increasing at an alarming rate. Humans seem to love putting themselves first above all else. Instances where Germans feel intimidated by gestapo can be seen in Sebastian Haffner confrontation with the Nazis. But such advantages being conferred without goodwill, add little to his happiness, and all who can do so will be inclined to avoid his society, and will prefer to show kindness to others, who being sympathetic and benevolent themselves seem to deserve kindness in return.


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essay on selfishness in present days

If someone is making decisions in an economic market, based on self-interest, they are looking out for both the effects on the company and the customer. Strangely enough it is often considered an insult to be called selfish. Once Jews entered the death camps they were OBLIVIOUS to what was going on at the time. Contrary to popular opinion, all healthy individuals are selfish. That is why I remained deaf to his cries…So afraid was I to incur the wrath of the S.